Hi Barbara, I just wanted to give you an update on how Meadow is doing.  We brought her home in November, however it feels like we have had her a lifetime.  She has brought so much joy and happiness to our home.  there is not a day that goes by that she doesnt make us laugh.  Meadow is so smart and was fully trained in such a short time.  She has the run of the house is is very spoiled.  I have attached a ;picture of Meadow.Thank you!
Charlie Ferrara
Barb -
I was very apprehensive about buying a 'pocket beagle' and (1) having to have it shipped, (2) not knowing the breeder and (3) sight unseen.  You have been so helpful, professional and what I think a true breeder should be.  Everything on your site put me at ease and after the emails and conversations I knew that I had the right person to purchase my dog from.  Your obvious care and love of this breed made it special to me, because I knew I would be getting a quality and healthy dog.  Thank you for all your time and effort and I have spread the word on this breed and you to everyone who meets Carina because they all think she is so beautiful; I tell them she had a beautiful Mom and caregiver who got her started on the right path.Thank you again.
Jan TarnowSyracuse, NY
I've always wanted a dog, and Annie had a Beagle growing up and wanted another one. I'd never heard of Pocket Beagles until I started researching good apartment dogs, and they were too cute to pass up. Since Pocket Beagles are rare, we couldn't find one in a shelter, much less two (we wanted two so they could keep each other company while we were at work), so we needed to find a breeder. We found a few in New England that were a shorter drive from us, but based on the websites, Barbara seemed like the best breeder. Plus, I grew up in Central NY and went to school at RIT, and prefer to support local businesses.
The whole process went very smoothly. I asked to be put on the waiting list and Barbara asked me a lot of questions to make sure I'd be a good owner, which shows she's a good breeder. She sent tons of pictures throughout their first eight weeks and filled us in on their status. When we went to finally meet them and pick them up, Lily and James were even cuter than in the pictures. We fell in love with both of them immediately. They are healthy pups. We're so glad that we got them. They make the perfect addition to our family.
Chris Ruddy and Annie Kissling​ New York, NY

The Ferrara children  and    MEADOW
Letter from Isabella's new family:
Dear Barbara, Thank you so much for everything you did to make Isabella's joining our family so special.  We will always treasure the memories you helped us create.  Isabella was wonderful in the car.  She is so affectionate and just loves all of the attention she is getting.  She is curious, smart and spunky and lots of fun.  You can see in her personality that you and your husband have spent so much time with the puppies.
Thank you for everything.
Congratulations on the Ferrara's second puppy .....JOVIE from Scarlett's Old English Pocket Beagles........
The Aufiero's and their new puppy Lizzie, they say she is a joy!

The Mannix children love Daisy so much and say
                     she is the cutest puppy ever!
                           DAISY DAISY!
                WHAT THE HAPPY OWNERS OF
                 A SCARLETT'S OLD ENGLISH
                 POCKET BEAGLE SAY ABOUT
                 THEIR NEW PUPPIES AND HOW
                 THEY FEEL ABOUT THE WHOLE
                 EXPERIENCE........READ BELOW

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                    HONEY AND CINAMMON
Testimonials from our June and July litters
     Jackie and her new puppy, Adeline
Jackie says "Adeline is sooo smart"  She is almost completely trained, and already comes when she is called.  Jackie has had her for 3 days!
​Nicole's new owner, Marian says that Nicole is a little love.  She says her vet was skeptical about Marian buying a puppy on the internet, however after meeting Nicole, checking her health and records, he had nothing but praise for Scarlett's Old English Pocket Beagles!
Nyah and Liam say that Buddy is PERFECT!  They love him very much and may come back for a brother or sister for Buddy!
Geraldine and Marc and  Milo.
​                     The Benoits and Dusty
Paige, Marc and Abby, Paige says that Abby is so smart and playful and they are so happy with her!